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Q: How can I cashout my Loyalty Points?

A: *Please Note that cash outs can take 24 to 48 hours to complete.* Once you have earned 1,000 Loyalty Points (or more) you can cash out with the following steps:

  1. Click the cash out button on the home screen within the app.
  2. Enter the email address tied to your Coinbase account (if you do not have a Coinbase account, you can create one at www.coinbase.com)
  3. Check your email for a verification link from us - click that link to complete your cash out request.

Q: Why can’t I cash out my points?

A: You must earn a minimum of 1000 Loyalty Points before you can cash out. You can only cash out a maximum of one time per week, or once every 7 days.

Q: I cashed out. Where is my Bitcoin?

A: Cash outs can take 24 to 48 hours to process, so please be patient.

Q: I’m not earning any Loyalty Points. Why?

A: You must watch ads and play the game to earn Loyalty Points. Only a small amount of Loyalty Points will be awarded for playing and not watching ads.

Q: I cashed out my points once, but it won’t let me cash out again?

A: You can only cash out once a week or once every 7 days.

Q: Can you remove the timer so I continue earning more Bitcoin?

A: No, sorry we cannot.

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