Could you be the next Bitcoin millionaire?

Why not? What’s stopping you? Sure, the price of Bitcoin has already gone up a ton, and you missed the initial jump in value, buuuuut… it’s still down $10,000 from it’s high of ~$19,000 per Bitcoin.

So there is clearly potential upside—if you were to invest in Bitcoin now, could you double your money? Or, triple your money?!

The truth is know one knows for sure, but there is a growing community of enthusiasts who are working every day to make cryptocurrencies more viable in our modern world. And, history teaches us that when you create viability, demand will follow, and demand will inevitably lead to an increase in value of owning Bitcoin.

Here's a list of some of the most famous cryptocurrency millionaires.

Roger Ver (aka Bitcoin Jesus) made an estimated $52 million by investing in Bitcoin!

When he first learned about Bitcoin, he gave up his daily work and started reading about it nonstop, sleeping for just one hour a day. One week later, he was checked into a hospital and medicated for proper sleep. He was one of the early investors of Bit Instant and he is good friends with Charlie Shrem (Number #1 on our list). But the biggest of his investments involving millions of dollars are BitPay, Ripple and Blockchain. These three projects yielded him the profit which took him to the millionaires realm. His estimated net worth is over USD 52 million. He is also known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ for his point of view and works for Bitcoins. These days, he is involved with different emerging Bitcoin projects.

The Winklevoss Twins are estimated to own 1% of all Bitcoin, valued at over $1 billion!

Jered Kenna bought his first Bitcoin at just $0.20 per coin, he is now estimated to be worth over $20 million!

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