What are Bitcoin apps?

Broadly speaking, Bitcoin apps are any type of desktop or mobile application that incorporate use of the most popular cryptocurrency, "Bitcoin". Some of these apps offer the ability to purchase Bitcoin, or even get free bitcoin.

Bitcoin apps can vary greatly in how they make use of Bitcoin - here are some examples:

  • Wallets - these are apps that allow you to store and manage your cryptocurrency, usually on your mobile device.
  • Mining - these are apps that run calculations for the blockchain, usually on desktop computers or servers - and the owners of the computers that run the software are rewarded with Bitcoin.
  • Exchanges - these are apps that enable users to exchange between different cryptocurrenies, and also convert fiat money into cryptocurrency.
  • Transactions - these are also known as "merchant services" apps that enable users to send and receive cryptocurrency for either a personal or business transaction.
  • Games - mobile games can range from ones that are Bitcoin-themed just for fun, to apps like our Bitcoin Blast that rewards you with free Bitcoin just for playing.

Should I use Bitcoin apps?

We think so!

There are many possible benefits to using Bitcoin apps. Using a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency app opens you up to benfitting from modern, cutting-edge technology that can make transacting easier, can provide you a return on investment, can open up to international transacting, can be fun and educational, and much more!

Are Bitcoin apps safe?

Like all technologies, safety often lies in how you use the application. Bitcoin applications are the safest when you verify that the company who built the app is a legitimate organization, and when you use them for what they are intended for.

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